When / Where

When / Where

Gift of Time Conference

Royal Armouries Museum

Armouries Drive, Leeds LS10 1LT, UK

Saturday, 30th June 2017

The Gift of Time Conference is the first of its kind in the UK and will held on the 30th June 2017. The conference will focus on the the medical and holistic care of women who are told their baby might not live for very long after birth. The conference will discuss novel treatments for serious life limiting conditions, neonatal hospice & palliative care and also hear patients experiences of carrying to term.

As medical technology advances, the area of perineonatology has never been so exciting. From babies being born and thriving at younger and younger gestations, to new and revolutionary developments for treating conditions that were previously thought to be invariably fatal, this sub-speciality is opening a whole new world of possibilities.

The Gift Of Conference in Leeds will examine conditions that are as exciting as they are serious.

Presentations on revolutionary treatments that could potentially influence how we manage life threatening conditions such as Bilateral Renal Agenesis, and on advances in fetal cardiac surgety that are changing the outlook for babies with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, will be sure to expand your knowledge on the care of babies who have been diagnosed with such conditions.

 The Conference is taking place in Royal Armouries Museum, Armouries Drive, Lees LS10 1LT.